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Ketamine Therapy For Psychiatric conditions

Ketamine Therapy For Psychiatric conditions

Contact IVitalize today to hear how we can help with:

Treatment Resistant Depression

Anxiety, PTSD, & OCD

Suicide Ideations

Postpartum depression

Bipolar Disorder

Chronic alcoholism

What are the costs for treatment?

Psychiatric Condition Treatment = $399 for a 60-minute infusion

This includes intake fee, consult, and thorough evaluation by our anesthesia staff. You will be contacted via email or by phone once your time has been scheduled. 

Image by Anthony Tran
Ketamine for Psychatric Disorders: Services

Ketamine infusions

The experts at IVitalize Wellness & Therapeutics work with each patient individually. It is this method that has given our patients great success with Ketamine Therapy. Our patients are our priority and we aim to make every infusion successful. We have successfully treated Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Suicide Ideations, Bipolar Disorder, & more! Our providers are caring and compassionate, while also being highly skilled to make your infusion comfortable & incredibly safe. If you or someone you love has been battling with mental health disorders then contact us at IVitalize Wellness & Therapeutics today. Come see why we're the leading experts in Ketamine Therapy in Tinley Park & the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago.

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