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Ketamine Therapy For Chronic Pain

Change Your Life and Treat Your Chronic Pain

Ketamine pain infusions are primarily used to treat conditions such as, but not limited to: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Fibromyalgia, Phantom Limb Pain, Diabetic Neuropathy, Post-Herpatic Neuropathy, Lyme Disease, Migraine Headaches & more...

These infusions can also help patients wean off of addictive prescription medications.

The experts at IVitalize Wellness & Therapeutics have successfully treated Chronic Pain Condition when patients think there are no other options. Our IV Ketamine Therapy has helped patients regain hope, wean off of addictive prescription medications, take back control of their lives before it was consumed by pain. Visit IVitalize Wellness & Therapeutics and see why we're the leading Ketamine Therapy center in Tinley Park & the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago.

Ketamine alters and repairs damaged nerve impulses, resulting in neurogenesis

Promotes recovery and rehabilitation in acute and chronically injured individuals

Contact IVitalize if you suffer from any of the following:​

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) 


Phantom Limb Pain 

Diabetic Neuropathy 

Post-Herpatic Neuropathy 

Lyme Disease 

Migraine Headaches

Ketamine therapy has also been used to help wean certain patients off addictive prescription medications.  
and more...


Pain infusions require a higher dose and can last up to 4 hours. 

We require an initial consultation before our infusions. You will be contacted via email or by phone once your appointment  time has been scheduled. 

Ketamine for Pain Disorders: Services
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